No Plug ? No Problem.

Its innovative wireless design allows you to achieve perfect curls wherever you need thanks to its rechargeable batteryCompact and easy to carry, it easily fits in your handbag or suitcase to follow you on vacation, weekend trips or from your office to the club!

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Endless style in a single move

Create your own style by playing with the temperature and timer settings to achieve silky, dreamy curls, just the way you want them. From romantic beach wave to preppy swirling curls, you can change your style in a single move for a result that’ll last all day.

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What you'll love

  • Wireless & rechargeable

  • 6 Temperature modes

  • All hair types

  • Damageless

THECURLYWOMEN™ - Cordless professional automatic curler

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Curly-Women® is the perfect solution. A high-tech tool for those who love to curl their hair, it's also completely cordless and can be used anywhere, for a look that's always perfect!


Forget the traditional curling iron or curling stick. No need for a power supply.
No skills required.
Learn how to use it in less than a minute. Become a curling expert!

Just insert a section of hair into the curling iron, select the temperature and ... in seconds you will have beautiful curls for the rest of your day!


Thanks to bi-directional rotation technology, the direction of rotation is easy to adjust. Then just insert a section of hair into the device to create a perfect curl.

Designed by professional hairdressers, it is a real revolution because it offers the luxury of obtaining a wavy style worthy of a professional hairdresser!

Indeed, it will allow you to create beautiful curls in just a few seconds.



The ceramic silk protein coating effectively repairs damaged hair, making it softer and smoother.

It also prevents the hair from burning and makes it look softer and silkier. The design of the head has been specially designed to avoid contact with the skin.


The curly-women has an anti-tangle system to prevent hair to get caught while in use. So if for any reason you took too much hair into the barrel, the system will shut off and immediately release the wick. 

The battery operating time is 60 minutes when used at 180°C

Simply plug your Micro USB cable to the Products and connect it to your laptop, car, or any USB charger.

Don’t worry, the built-in auto-lock system will switch it off automatically after 10 minutes when not in use.